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Business Analytics & Data Science

Make the data that your business generates, work for you

Data Analytics

Bring your digital platforms to life

Getting insights into your business operations is crucial in tranforming it's digital future. Kaaturu Thought Studios ™ provides tools and services that can take in the raw data generated by your business, users, employees, platform and operations and convert them to insights that add value. But, insights into your business data is'nt enough, you need to be aware of what is being done to derive that, hence we employ transparency by working closely with you in every step of the process.

Generate Insights

Optimal applications of your digital platforms depend on the accuracy of your business data. Generate insights from every nook and corner of your business.

Reduce costs

Learn what is working and what is'nt for your business. Identify potential bottle necks, and avoid costly oversights. Make informed decisions based on the insights from historic data.

Improved Data-to-value

Make impactful decisions for your business with the help of expert consulting, implementation, and operational services offered by Kaaturu Thought Studios ™

Retail Analytics

Enhance end-user experience and boost sales

Collect information about your business's customer behaviour, through a host of cost efficient platforms. Boost sales by incorporating targetted marketing strategies, tailored to different customer groups.

Risk Management

Manage problems before they happen

With the right analysis of your business's data across aspects, predicting and evaluating financial or operational risks along with the identification of procedures to avoid or minimize their impact on revenue and reputation can be identiified and implemented. Talk with our expert today, to find out more.

Full disclosure:  This page contains information that may not be applicable to all prospective clients. The features, services or offers mentioned here may be very specific to a few certain business types or sizes, and Kaaturu Thought Studios ™ may not have the same level of expertise or capability, as in the services we specialize in.

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About Kaaturu

Kaaturu Thought Studios™ is the services division of TroniQsRationale™, with specialized focus on providing technology partnerships & solutions to startups and small businesses. Services, solutions and packages offered by Kaaturu Thought Studios™ are handpicked to accommodate the needs of businesses, for which, having an in-house tech team is not practical or affordable.

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