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Technical Consultation and QA Services

Focus on your business ideas, leave the technical complexity to us

End-to-end IT consultation

Beat Business problems with comprehensive technology solutions

Building a successful IT infrastructure extends beyond hiring a technical team or outsourcing it. It is crucial to understand the impact of disruptive technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, mobility, modern DevOps practices etc, in your industry. Kaaturu Thoght Studios ™ helps you better understand this impact and helps you take a strategic approach to your goals.

Optimize development

Benefit from a wide spectrum of assistance, to ensure your IT infrastructure stays, lean, and agile. Create a modern and flexible IT environment which is easy to manage and build-up on.

Seamless collaboration

With Kaaturu Thought Studios ™, experience a truly seamless management of your IT needs, irrespective of whether you have your own in house IT team , if it is 100% outsourced, or anywhere in between.

Modernize your IT

Virtualize your architecture, move your infrastructure to a flexible cloud platform, containerize your applications to make your solutions more agile. Relaize the power of computing on the cloud, fog, mist or edge.

360° IT consultations

Develop faster, leaner, safer. Deliver better

Your IT infrastructure is the foundation of your business, and it is important to stay ahead of the curve, to stay secure and relevant. Kaaturu Thought Studios ™ acts as an extension of your team, inhouse or outsourced, helping them modernize your IT endaevors, to reduce development and maintenance costs.

Agile Consulting

Reduce your time-to-market using Agile

Agile methodologies offer a multitude of benefits: Dynamism, incremental enhancements, accurate insights into ROI, to name a few. Kaaturu Thought Studios ™ is eqiupped to ingrain Agile methodologies into your Startup or small business from the word go. Reach out to us to learn more about our Agile Consultation services.

Software testing and QA services

Crossplatform, Multi-aspect, Quality Assurance on Demand

Kaaturu Thought Studios ™ offers a wide spectrum of unbiased testing and quality assurance services, to ensure your applications stay compatible and secure across platforms, tools and release cycles. As an extension to your existing team, Kaaturu can help you meet the demands for QA compliance on a per project basis.

Full disclosure:  This page contains information that may not be applicable to all prospective clients. The features, services or offers mentioned here may be very specific to a few certain business types or sizes, and Kaaturu Thought Studios ™ may not have the same level of expertise or capability, as in the services we specialize in.

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About Kaaturu

Kaaturu Thought Studios™ is the services division of TroniQsRationale™, with specialized focus on providing technology partnerships & solutions to startups and small businesses. Services, solutions and packages offered by Kaaturu Thought Studios™ are handpicked to accommodate the needs of businesses, for which, having an in-house tech team is not practical or affordable.

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