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Great Software is reliable, measurable, secure and agile.

Agile Application development

Custom applications made with agile and ❤

At Kaaturu Thought Studios ™, we understand the need for businesses to stay ahead of competition. A combination of our innovation and industry standard agile best practices, helps businesses accelerate time-to-market, with out an upfront investment overhead. Further more, our DevOps team and automations, ensure the highest standard of support with continuous enhancements and milestone measurement, there by providing a secure and scalable improvement of business performance.

API Driven development

It is afterall the age of devices, user devices are getting more powerful by the minute, and diverse. With Kaaturu, move away from archaic patterns and adopt ReSTful architectures, that helps your business engage a wide demographic of users irrespective of devices or operating systems.

Secure Content Delivery

Sensitivity to user data and your intellectual property are our top priority. With kaaturu, every application big or small are subject to the highest degree of security and standards. Our infrastructure is backed by the very best in the world of cloud computing, which means your data stays secure during every moment of it's existence.

Seamless scaling

Kaaturu's is 100% cloud hosted, which means immense cost savings upfront. Have a sudden spike of users ? or your app went viral over night ? we've got you covered. You are in complete control of your application, with our intutive dashboard to manage everything in your application's lifecycle.

Mobile First

Cross-platform App Development

With ever growing internet users and devices, the platform native application development approach is simply not practical. But that doesn't justify restricting your users to a couple of platforms or devices. Enter cross-platform app development frameworks. Kaaturu's expertise with them lets you deliver a consistent and cost-effective mobile solution to all your prospective clients in a platform agnostic model. However, crossplatform frameworks are'nt always ideal. There will inevitably be a scenario with some requirements, where the application may require a feature specific to a hardware or platform in which case native SDKs are the way to go. We've got you covered there too.

Websites, Webapps, Webservices and more...

Web Development

Need a beautiful website to give your clients a peek into the class and finesse with which you go about your business? A dashboard for your clients to keep track of their data ? Or maybe you are looking to setup an e-commerce site for your shop, whatever your business demands, we can help. Ofcourse, our team is'nt capable of doing every thing under the sun, especially when we have made a decision to stay relatively small and agile. But there isn't much we can't do when it comes to web development. Kaaturu's Web dev team is the most mature and experienced of the lot, with an average experience of 12+ years, across a wide stack of technologies and architectures.

Artificial Intelligence and beyond

Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence

The future is now, the future is here. The digital world has just stepped into an era of ubiquitous computing and IoT. Everyting from a car to your kitchen sink has a chip in it these days. What this means is, data, like never before, cherry-picked and available at your doorstep. Kaaturu Thought Studios can help your business recieve a plethora of insights about it's performance, prospective users and predictions, using a range of custom IoT devices and specialized machine learning algorithms.

Identity, Tokenization and much more

Blockchain Development

We convert ideas into practical applications that are scalable and reliable, and what better way to announce your intents on data security, than bringing Blockchain to the party? From ideation to design and launch, Kaaturu Thought Studios's blockchain solutions drive your business forward with a definitive competitive edge over competitors.

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About Kaaturu

Kaaturu Thought Studios™ is the services division of TroniQsRationale™, with specialized focus on providing technology partnerships & solutions to startups and small businesses. Services, solutions and packages offered by Kaaturu Thought Studios™ are handpicked to accommodate the needs of businesses, for which, having an in-house tech team is not practical or affordable.

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