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You sell the story of what you do. Not what you do.

AI and IoT powered Digital marketing

Adopt smart digital marketing strategies

Stop keyword stuffing your websites, use your content and data to do the work for you. Just a decade ago, loading up your webpages with keywords relating to your business domain, and listing your business across the world wide web was an acceptable strategy to make your digital presence felt. But with the advent of social media and ever evolving search engines, these techniques just wont cut it anymore. Search engines and online advertisement platforms are getting smarter by the day, and to get them to love you, takes translating your business's real world ethics and awesomeness, to the digital world. Kaaturu Thought Studios ™ can help you stay on top of the evolution of the internet.

Targeted Marketing

Target audience for your marketing campaigns, based on their location, preferences, device usage, and trends to increase impact.


Generate revenue by growing traffic, improving your search rankings, and by building a rock solid connection between your brand and prospective clients.

Data driven strategies

Market your business to prospective clients with the insights obtained from the data your business and existing users or clients generate. Collect data easily through surveys and feedback.

Search Engine Optimisation

Improve your search engine rankings ethically

Archaic and frangible SEO techniques such as hidden text, cloaking, paid links, content scraping and doorway pages are not only ineffective anymore, but are also penalized by search engines. Resorting to such practices could even lead to your website being removed from the search engine's index temporarily or permanently.

With state-of-the art tools and a systematic approach Kaaturu Thought Studios ™ helps you improve your rankings organically, by refactoring your website's code and content with best practices and relevance.

Market Research

Validate Your Business Ideas with prospective clients

Create a buyer persona and identify your unique selling proposition (USP) for your new product or service. Gather priceless feedback, contacts and leads easily with online survey tools and services offered by Kaaturu Thought Studios ™. Validate the assumptions made during the brainstorming phase against the data generated by our Market research services, adapt your ideas accordingly, to maximize market penetration and the success of your product or service.

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About Kaaturu

Kaaturu Thought Studios™ is the services division of TroniQsRationale™, with specialized focus on providing technology partnerships & solutions to startups and small businesses. Services, solutions and packages offered by Kaaturu Thought Studios™ are handpicked to accommodate the needs of businesses, for which, having an in-house tech team is not practical or affordable.

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