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We take pride in being different, eccentricity is a gift in our eyes, and this is exactly what powers our innovation. After almost half a decade of market research across various business domains, our customisable yet easy to maintain software services and products are designed to be extensible, light weight and intutive. Our professional services ensure everyone gets the best value for money. With meticulously automated industry standard processes and tools, our services guarantee quality adherence to the highest standards.

How we work

What we do best

We are diligent proponents of the agile methodology, and we keep a close watch on our delivery. Even though delivery schedules have a high degree of specificity to an individual project, we usually deploy increments on a two week schedule. Each increment is subjected to rigorous adherence with our industry standard six step process of the Software Development Life Cycle, which ensures we deliver value predictably and consistently, while staying lean, and there by keeping costs low and flexible.

Requirement gathering and Analysis

Once you choose to start a project with us, either through our online tool, or directly via email, a free initial consultation (not exceeding 60 minutes) on Skype or a phone call will be setup.

After subsequent meetings or communications as per the demands of the project, our analysts would submit a detailed Business Requirements Document (BRD) for your approval.

Design and Prototyping

After your approval of the BRD, a detailed Technical Specification Document (TSD) including screen mockups and the architecture adviced as appropriate will be submited to you by one of our Architects.

After confirmation, a high fidelity prototype of the screens, user experience and interactions, as applicable will be provided for clarity and to minimize discrepancies at a latter stage.

Schedules and Development

All necessary information is to be provided to the team assigned to you at this point. As appropriate to the project, a schedule will be drafted, specifying development and delivery terms.

Once the project is setup for development, a private link will be shared, for you to keep track of the progress. At this point an account is created for you on (if you are a first time user) for you to manage all important aspects of the project through your dashboard on

Testing and Documentation

After rigorous testing of each increment at our end, it will be submitted to you for your acceptance testing, with real world data. The increment will also be documented, and user manuals ammended accordingly.

You can raise concerns, if any to the team for their assistance. The dashboard provides intuitive tools to make this process a breeze.

Continuous Integration / Deployment

The developed and tested increment is now ready to be deployed for the first time, or the existing version of you project updated, depending on what stage the project is in.

Incase of an initial release, you will have to either provide access to the team, for external services (Domain registrar, Social media accounts for API access etc), or approve Kaaturu to create or manage the required services on your behalf. Again, the dashboard makes this process seamless and easy.

Maintenance and further increments

Your project is now live! But this is just the end of the begining. Your business and ideas change from time to time, and you need your ingenious ideas applied to your project quickly. Or may be there was a major change in the browser or operating system that the majority of your users use. Don't worry, Kaaturu has got your back.

Agile methodology was invented especially for such scenarios (and more), and because you chose us, who are huge fan-boys of agile, your ideas become a reality and are kept that way, instantly and incrementaly. Needless to say, all of this is made fun and easy, thanks to the awesome tools the dashboard comes with.

Projects & Portfolio

Recent Projects

Take a moment to look at some of our recent projects. Most of our clients are startups themselves, from vastly different domains with drastically different needs. Our portfolio covers a range of projects from simple static websites to custom applications - web, mobile and native (desktop).

Software Design and Development

Beautiful websites, functional web applicaitons, cool mobile apps, client agnostic APIs, and much more.

Business Analytics and Data Science

Kaaturu helps clients take informed decisions, based on a host of analytics and mining algorithms applied to their organisational data.

IoT and Machine Learning

The future is here, and now. Businesses are re-inventing themselves by incorporating cutting edge Internet of Things devices and Machine learning Algorithms.

Digital Marketing

From SEO to listings, social media presence to advertising, Kaaturu's coverage of your requirements in the digital world, is truly last mile.

Hosting and Infrastructure services

Even the slickest and most sublime applications need optimal infrastructure to run on. Kaaturu helps you find the sweet spot, specific to your application's architecture and scope.

Technical Consultation and QA Services

At Kaaturu, we don't bite what we can't chew, and so for projects beyond the scope and capability of our team, our experienced Subject Matter Experts are happy to help with technical consultations and advice.

The Team

Our Team

People are the be-all and end-all of Kaaturu. Our carefully assembled team shares Kaaturu's vision and are dedicated to bring the best of their skills to play, everyday. We've grown organically from one insomniac in 2015, to a gradually growing hive of professional, smart and well-rested people today.

Anu Junior Developer
Simi Junior Developer
Shahan Junior Developer
Angie Frontend Developer
Baga DevOps Engineer
Aswin UI/UX Engineer
Sabeena Software Engineer
Belfin Lead Developer
Priyan Marketing Consultant
Hari Design Consultant
Sheik QA & Director of Operations
Soy Senior Architect & CTO
Manick Full Stack Architect & CEO
The Clientele

What our clientele has to say

Happy clients from different parts of the globe, from vastly different industries, are a testament to our quality and value centric approach to technology. Real people, real projects, real problems, and real solutions. It has'nt been all rainbows and sun shine, we've had our fair share of mishaps and lost clients, which has only made us more resilient and eager to continuosly reach for the next level..


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Kaaturu Thought Studios™ is the services division of TroniQsRationale™, with specialized focus on providing technology partnerships & solutions to startups and small businesses. Services, solutions and packages offered by Kaaturu Thought Studios™ are handpicked to accommodate the needs of businesses, for which, having an in-house tech team is not practical or affordable.

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